OC Salmon Arm partnership supports student access to affordable produce

By College Relations | November 29, 2023

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The Campus Life team at Okanagan College’s Salmon Arm campus has partnered to bring affordable produce to campus through a partnership with grassroots organizer, Good Food Box. 

is a volunteer non-profit, produce buying co-op program that operates in the North Okanagan. Led by community member Joyce Henderson and a team of volunteers, the concept is based on a co-op model of bulk purchasing to make produce items more affordable while also supporting local farmers.  

Recognizing that many students face food insecurity, Campus Life at OC has made it possible for students to access Good Food Box at a subsidized cost. For $10 per box, students receive $40 in value for quality, in-season produce. ɫɫɫƬ can submit orders at the Salmon Arm campus front desk by the second Monday of every month. 

As transportation can also sometimes be a challenge for students, offering a pickup location on campus makes it all the easier for students to access fresh fruits and vegetables.  

“ɫɫɫƬ don’t have to worry about finding one of the other locations that may not be on their bus route or be available at a convenient time for them,” says Jessica Landau, who is helping to promote and administer the new program as part of her role in student engagement at the College.  

OC employees in Salmon Arm are welcome to participate in the program, at the regular price of $20 per box, and take advantage of the convenient on-site pick-up. 

In addition to the new food box program, Okanagan College participated in Giving Tuesday on Nov. 28. This was a great opportunity to support students who are struggling with food insecurity by donating goods or cash contributions to one of the student food banks.  

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