Facilities and Business Services

Central Receiving

Central Stores provides a variety of services including shipping & receiving, internal and external mail services, inter campus truck runs, fleet vehicles services, and distribution of paper supplies.

Central Stores Truck Run Schedule

Inter campus truck runs will be performed weekly as follows:

Tuesdays:  North - Vernon, Salmon Arm, Salmon Arm Trades (UBCO if required)

Thursdays:  South - Penticton

Fridays:  Kelowna AME, Vernon, Vernon Trades (UBCO if required)

Last Friday truck run before the summer season is the 2nd Friday in June to resume mid-August.
* no Friday truck runs during the summer season *

As in the past, during weeks with a holiday Monday the northern truck run will move from Tuesday to Wednesday. 

Please submit Facilities Work Requests under the “moving” category to have materials transported between campuses.  This allows us to plan accordingly as we will be using smaller vans for days with lighter loads. Also, as a reminder all items must be securely packaged for transport, and clearly labelled with a room number for delivery. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Central Stores team with any questions or concerns, or to communicate needs that may not be addressed with our updated truck run schedule.


Central Stores provides sorting, distribution, and collection of all inter-office, Canada Post, and courier mail for the Kelowna campus. We also distribute interoffice mail to the regional campuses on our weekly truck runs.

Kelowna Campus

  • All interoffice, Canada Post and couriered mail will be picked up and delivered to department's designated mail area daily (please ask your department's executive assistance if you are unsure where this is)
  • Incoming interoffice, Canada Post and couriered mail will be delivered daily between 9-10am
  • Outgoing interoffice, Canada Post and couriered mail will be picked up daily between 1-2pm
  • Outgoing Canada Post mail will be processed same day; interoffice mail will be sorted in Central Stores and delivered the following morning.
  • Please notify us via email on days you have large mail outs or parcels to pick up (so we know to bring a cart).
    *Large mail outs need to be co-ordinated in advance.  Please contact the Central Stores team to make arrangements.

Department Mail Codes

Each department at Okanagan College has a designated mail code that is used to track charges. Please ensure your department’s mail code is identified on all outgoing mail by attaching a mail code card, or writing the mail code number in the upper right-hand corner of your mail out. Please ask your department’s executive assistance if you are unsure what your department’s mail code is, or where mail code cards are kept in your area.

Personal Mail

Please do not have personal mail delivered to campus. Okanagan College requires all faculty and staff to receive all personal mail at their home address.

Personal mail is defined as any mail unrelated to Okanagan College or your position at Okanagan College such as: online shopping purchases, advertising publications, utility bills, credit card statements, etc.

Delivery Address Requirements

To ensure mail is routed quickly and accurately please be sure to include your first and last name, department/organization, and street address. Room numbers are not required. For example:

Jane Doe
Okanagan School of Business
Okanagan College
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC
V1V 1W4




Central Stores provides assistance to senders in preparing and processing their items for shipment. We will provide advice on the best shipping options, help prepare shipping documents, determine weights and dimensions, and schedule pickups.

Please bring your items to the customer service counter in Central Stores for assistance with courier shipments.

Shipping Information

It is the responsibility of the sender to provide packing materials, and to ensure their items are packaged securely for transport.

Central Stores can often help provide spare boxes and packing materials, but cannot guarantee availability.  

Senders are responsible for providing shipment details including names, addresses, and contact information.

When shipping outside of Canada senders are also responsible for completing customs documents 

Senders are responsible for providing their department’s mail code or FOAPAL for all associated charges.




Central Stores will receive materials and equipment; inspect items received for quantity, quality, condition and any special specifications as indicated on the purchase order; coordinate delivery to the requesting department; ship items returned to vendors; process loss, shortage and damage claims to the freight carriers; and consolidate delivery of materials issued from Stores.

Unless otherwise specified on the original purchase order, all supplies and equipment received at Okanagan College will be delivered to Central Stores.  The material will then be delivered to the requesting campus department and receipt will be acknowledged by signature on a delivery form.

Direct shipments to departments
Merchandise Ordered on a Purchase Order - Central Stores should be notified immediately of the receipt of any material which requires processing by Central Stores in order to close the purchase order and allow for the process of payment to the vendor.  All merchandise documentation such as packing slips should be forwarded to Central Stores.

Helpful tips

  • Check your order immediately (verify you have received what you ordered).
  • Notify Central Stores immediately concerning any discrepancies related to delivered material - local 4261 or email centralstores@okanagan.bc.ca
  • Forward merchandise packing slips and invoices to Central Stores from merchandise ordered on a purchase order and received directly by Departments.
Fleet Services

The Okanagan College fleet consists of:
One - 4 passenger Ford Lightning Truck EV - Kelowna Campus
One - 4 passenger Hyundai Kona EV - Kelowna Campus
One - 4 passenger Nissan Leaf EV - Kelowna Campus
One - 4 passenger Toyota Prius Hybrid - Penticton Campus
One - 4 passenger Hyundai Kona EV - Vernon campus
One - 4 passenger Toyota Prius Hybrid - Salmon Arm Campus 

As part of Okanagan College's global environmental initiative, the College has a selection of hybrid and electric vehicles to choose from. 


Booking Requirements

Please call 4261 or email centralstores@okanagan.bc.ca to reserve a fleet vehicle prior to submitting a Vehicle Use Application form. Vehicle Use Application forms must be completed in full and approved with an authorizing signature and FOAPAL.  Completed Fleet Mileage Logs can be submitted to Finance when applicable.

All drivers must possess and produce a valid Class 5 British Columbia license.

Vehicle bookings must be made through Central Stores and will be dependent upon the availability of a vehicle for the period of time required.  Keys must be picked up from and returned to Central Stores. With the exception of out of town travel, fleet vehicles are to be returned to their home campus on a daily basis. Overnight parking is not permitted at private residences.

Drivers shall sign for the vehicle he/she will be using.  This signature will attest that the driver holds a valid Operators License and that he/she understands and agrees with the terms and conditions as outlined on the Vehicle Use Application form.

Vehicles must be driven courteously and in accordance with current Traffic Regulations at all times. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of this privilege.


Links to forms:

The following table lists the paper items available through Central Stores.

0110  Paper - White - 8.5 x 11 - 30% recycled 500 / Pkg
0120 Paper - White - 8.5 x 14 - 30% recycled 500 / Pkg
0130 Paper - White - 11 x 17 - 30 % recycled 500 / Pkg
0210 Envelope - Kraft Printed - 9 x 12  500 / Box
0220 Envelope - White Window - #10 500 / Box
0230 Envelope - White Printed - #10 500 / Box
0310 Letterhead - 8.5 x 12 500 / Pkg
0320  Exam Books 250 / Box
0330 Bar Code Labels 1000 / Roll
  • Orders can be placed using the paper supplies requisition webform below.  
  • Central Stores will deliver the order to your specified location typically within one business day.

How to find us

Central Stores - Kelowna Campus Okanagan College
1000 K.L.O. Road
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 4X8

Hours of Operation - Monday to Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Telephone: 250-862-5416
Email: centralstores@okanagan.bc.ca

Paula St.Onge

Central Stores & Fleet Operations
Office: Trades Buildings 163
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4647

Han Lin

Portfolio Support - P4 (Tr&A)
Office: Trades Buildings 163
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4408