Computer Information Systems Diploma

Learn technical aspects of computer information systems, including software development, database systems and systems analysis. Develop software for computers, websites and mobile applications. Collect and manage data to design models for technological solutions.

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Computer Information Systems student studies on his break in a campus lounge area


  • Kelowna
  • Vernon
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  • International students eligible

Tuition and fees

2024-25: $5,588.69 per year

Program details

The Computer Information Systems diploma is a two-year program which includes a broad selection of computing, mathematics, business, and communications courses so graduates can function successfully in a variety of roles in a business organization, high-technology company, or government department. These roles include entry-level positions as computer programmer, programmer/analyst, business systems designer/developer/analyst, web designer/developer and database architect/administrator.

The courses in the diploma are grouped into required courses and elective courses.

The program is available as a co-op program. The department recommends participating in co-op between the third and fourth academic semesters if possible. Taking co-op work terms will lengthen the program to approximately three years.

Graduates of this program may proceed directly to the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree or, after completing some extra courses, to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

The diploma prepares graduates for roles in entry-level positions:

  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Consultant

ɫɫɫƬ at the Vernon campus must take this full time. Part time study is not an option.

ɫɫɫƬ will not be able to transfer or take courses at another campus without explicit approval from the dean’s office. The student will have to apply to the Kelowna campus in their second year if they wish to transfer or opt into BCIS Year 3 and 4.

Campus Start date Schedule
Kelowna Sep. 2024
Vernon Sep. 2024

Admission requirements

  • B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for one year as of the first day of classes.
  • English Requirement:
    • English 12 with minimum 60% or .
  • Math Requirement:
    • A minimum of 60% in any of:
      • Pre-calculus Grade 12
      • Principles of Mathematics 12
      • Adult Basic Education MATH 012
      • Okanagan College MATH 120
    • Or a minimum of 67% in any of:
      • Pre-calculus Grade 11
      • Foundations of Mathematics Grade 12
      • Foundations of Mathematics Grade 11
      • Principles of Mathematics 11
      • Applications of Mathematics 11
      • Applications of Mathematics 12
      • Adult Basic Education MATH 011
      • Adult Basic Education MATH 084 and MATH 085
      • Adult Basic Education IALG 011
    • Or a minimum of 70% in any of:
      • An Okanagan College Mathematics 11 Proficiency Test
      • An Okanagan College Mathematics 12 Proficiency Test
  • Other Requirements: Attendance at a mandatory orientation. Applicants will be notified of dates.
  • Keyboarding Skills: Keyboarding skills of at least 20 wpm are strongly recommended.
  • Access to a Personal Computer: ɫɫɫƬ entering this program are strongly advised to have access to a personal computer at home with Internet access, both with adequate resources for this level of study. ɫɫɫƬ may consult the Computer Science Department for hardware and software recommendations.Personal Suitability: Prospective applicants should consider assessing their suitability for the program by researching Computer Information Systems.

Program outline

Year 1

Semester 1

CMNS 113 - Technical Communication I for Information Technology
COSC 109 - Technical Aspects of Operating Systems
COSC 111 - Computer Programming I
COSC 118 - Networks and Telecommunications I
MATH 139 - Mathematics for Information Technology

Semester 2

CMNS 123 - Technical Communication II for Computer Science
COSC 121 - Computer Programming II
COSC 126 - Systems Analysis and Design
COSC 131 - Visual Programming
And one of:
COSC 221 - Introduction to Discrete Structures
MATH 251 - Introduction to Discrete Structures

Co-op Term

May to August
COSC 101 (Co-op Work Term I): 4 months

Year 2

Semester 3

COSC 213 - Web development with LAMP
COSC 219 - Client-side Web Systems
COSC 222 - Computer Data Structures
COSC 236 - Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design
COSC 304 - Introduction to Database Management Systems

Co-op Term

January to December
COSC 102 (Co-op Work Term II): 4 months January - April
COSC 103 (Co-op Work Term III): 4 months May - August
COSC 104 (Co-op Work Term IV): 4 months September - December

Semester 4

COSC 205 - Project Management
COSC 224 - Projects in Computer Science
COSC 315 - Introduction to Operating Systems
Two electives


ɫɫɫƬ may choose electives from COSC or NTEN courses. COSC 115, COSC 122 and COSC 180 may not be used as electives.
Other electives may be available; contact the Computer Science department chair.

ɫɫɫƬ must complete 60 credits of required and elective courses as listed with a minimum graduating grade average of 60%.

Additional information

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